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Combating human trafficking and human exploitation by means of public awareness, practical prevention, restorative care and building domestic and international partnerships.

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Internship and volunteer opportunities

c3801e722135f7431ca77a449fee0bb7_biggerNot majoring in social work? No problem. At Restore One, we seek people who are passionate about ending slavery and are enthusiastic, regardless of field of study. We offer first-hand experience that is tailored to students’ majors in a fun environment. Volunteer your time or intern with us for course credit.

We are entering a special but busy time at Restore One as we prepare for our first shelter for boys who have been victims of trafficking. We are in need of talented individuals to come alongside us for this journey.

Here are some things we need help with:


Grant Writing

Event planning

Media/ Production


Public Relations



If there’s a skill set you can use for us or can think of some other way to become involved not listed above, great! Come aboard! Fill out our internship and volunteer application at our website: Become a freedom fighter and be the hope for that one.


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Restore One launches online store

The Restore One online store is now available through Storenvy. Many of us are not aware that many of the clothes we buy are made by people who are not paid fairly, work in unsafe conditions, and often are trafficked. All of the shirts available at the Restore One store are organic and fair trade certified. There are shirts for men and women with various designs pertaining to slavery and Restore One.  Visit the site:


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Campus Ambassador Encourages Women to be Freedom Fighters

That night, the flash drive wasn’t working and the Internet wouldn’t
connect. However, despite the technical difficulties and the missing PowerPoint, Restore
One’s Campus Ambassador Justine Williams moved a group of women to action to become
Freedom Fighters for those being held against their will in human trafficking.

Williams spoke at an event at Cedar Baptist Church in Jamesville, N.C. where the
topic of human trafficking was being brought to church members’ attention for the first

“I don’t like that North Carolina, the state that I love, is in the top ten where human
trafficking is occurring,” Williams told the group.

The keynote speaker of the night was Katherine Hughes. She is answering God’s call
on her life to tell others about modern day slavery. Hughes was back in Jamesville where
she shares her mission to help stop human trafficking. Hughes first became a freedom
fighter at a conference where she heard the stories of women who had been trafficked and
was motivated to do something herself.

Ms. Hughes passed out dipsticks for the attendees to use as bracelets to start
conversations with others about human trafficking and to use as evidence of the physical
bondage the victims suffer. All attendees were encouraged to buy fair trade products
for the holidays and to become more educated of the companies that had current human rights

Williams shared about Restore One’s beginnings, its current and future projects and
how to recognize a person that is in bondage. “It takes freedom fighters to first be made
aware and then to become advocates. Doing simple things such as putting a poster in your
office or wearing a bracelet can be helpful in the fight to end human trafficking,” Williams
told the group in closing.

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Nefarious explores state of slavery

It’s not unusual to cry at the end of a film. The ending of the Nefarious screening was one of those occasions. Among the 200 students and community residents who watched the film, there were more than a few moved to weep.

Nefarious, unlike others, is not a heartwarming fairy tale or love story. “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls” is a documentary about the reality of modern day slavery and the effects of prostitution on its victims. The screening of Nefarious was sponsored by Fuse College Ministry, Restore One and Eastern North Carolina Stop Human Trafficking Now.

The ending of Nefarious was hope-filled, as those formerly in the trafficking industry shared their testimonies of their life changing encounters with God. However, for two hours, the truth, images and stories of human trafficking in the United States and abroad was more than many could stand without crying.

Human trafficking is pertinent to North Carolina. The FBI reports that North Carolina consistently ranks in the top ten  states for reported cases of human trafficking.

“Our state is popular with traffickers because it’s a port state, there are many major highways, it’s a military state, an agricultural state in need of labor and has a high immigrant population,” said Anna Smith who leads Restore One with her husband, Chris.

“We have Charlotte which is the third largest city for human trafficking after Atlanta and New York,” said Justine Williams, the student ambassador for Restore One and a part of Fuse College Ministry, before the documentary began.

There were several women and young girls interviewed to share their experiences. Some disclosed their identity while others did not. Most of the women interviewed were reformers, now reaching their full potential and helping others even though they still feel the pain of their years in prostitution. Not only were former prostitutes interviewed, but former and present pimps, those who purchased females, investigative journalists, pastors, lawmakers and psychologists from around the world.

The personal testimonies were not the only element that primed the attendee’s emotions. The documentary showed footage of red-light districts in many parts of the world and accurate reenactments of the realities of modern day slavery.

According to the film website, the filmmakers traveled across “four continents, through 19 countries, and into dingy Cambodian karaoke bars, Amsterdam’s infamous red-light district, Moldovan orphanages, legal Nevada brothels, and the street corners and alleyways of metropolises worldwide for more than a glance at the fastest-growing organized crime industry in the world.”

The documentary even disclosed the reality of child prostitution. A village in Cambodia famous for child prostitution was filmed and showed how children were sold by their own parents so that their parents would not have to work. Those who pay for the children are usually foreigners. In one scene, a small girl no older than ten years old participating in a sing and dance class with the local church, was abruptly taken away by her pimp. The filmmakers later found her pajamas. They were bloody.

Psychologists in the film all agreed that prostitution in its many forms relies on brainwashing, fear and absolute control. They all defined prostitution as a state where the woman’s mind and body is no longer in her control physically or psychologically, and dehumanization is a key part of manipulation.

“We are giving everyone in the room the opportunity to do something about this,” said Smith after the showing.

Following the de-briefing, attendees were invited to sign up to volunteer in areas like event planning, becoming a part of the street team and hosting informative house parties, among other things.

“I’m so glad that we had a full house when there are so many other things to do on a Friday night,” said Williams.

To become involved in the fight against human trafficking visit


Photo: Justine Williams


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Our Experience at the DNC

When you know that there are literally millions of human beings being held in bondage by their captors, how do you ever feel like you’ve done enough? No amount of fliers passed out or words screamed to a crowd can compare to the price of the voiceless. So where is the hope for them? Why should we even begin to try to free them? Why do we fight for each life when there are millions of other victims across the globe? The hope is in our fight. It is found in the prayers that we cry out to God for them, in knowing that His heart is broken for His children. We fight because every life matters. 

Tuesday September 4th, as our prayer team sat all weeping, crying out to God for the jealousy of His children, I asked Him to burn their eyes into my mind. I begged Him to put His jealousy and His anger for his beloved into my soul, an unquenchable fire. We went to the DNC to raise awareness and pray for those who would be traded during the festivities, we left knowing that we had made a difference even if that difference isn’t something we will ever get to see in the flesh.
All Wednesday morning as our team prayed, cried out and prepared our spirits for going out, I didn’t feel the nerves. The rushing, heart-pounding nerves struck my body as we stepped on to the streets. Like stepping in the sunlight from a dark room, our eyes were unveiled to the battle we were about to face. The nerves didn’t scare me, I always know that’s God taking over my body. I know we were and are against strong principalities, but what rest I find in knowing that my Jesus is so much more powerful than anything that I face. So our team boldly stormed the streets to pass out our fliers. Bold in the security that we walked under the shadow of God’s wings, knowing that even the darkest spiritual places cannot hide us from His protection.
Hundreds of rejections and 2,500 fliers later, our team reconvened. All tired and spiritually worn out but we rest knowing that Jesus was rejected and it’s okay if we are too. At least we fought for those who don’t know how to fight for themselves. We fought each little girl who doesn’t know what love is, for each young boy who is brainwashed into thinking selling himself is right and for all the others who feel like hope has been wiped away. We don’t give up hope because they all deserve to know what God’s love is.

Because Every Life Matters,
Justine Williams
Restore One Campus Ambassador

Here are some of the experiences we had on the streets of Charlotte:

Restore One successfully passed out 2,500 human trafficking flyers, highlighting the national hotline   1-888-3737-888, a number persons can call to anonymously report human trafficking tips and victims can call to receive assistance.
Chris Smith, Co-Founder of Restore One had one man reply to his abolitionist plea, “Help end human trafficking!” By saying, “If there was no human trafficking, then who would make my clothes?”
Volunteer Jessica, had one man reply by saying, “I like a little bit of sex trafficking.”
Despite many backlashes, numerous legislators’ cheered on Restore One for our efforts and informed us of the anti-trafficking legislative work taking place in their states. Also CNN’s Piers Morgan, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker and a white house representative took to our information. Altogether, Restore One considers the trip a large success and a small step forward in the anti-trafficking efforts that are yet to come.