Restore One

Combating human trafficking and human exploitation by means of public awareness, practical prevention, restorative care and building domestic and international partnerships.

Campus Ambassador Encourages Women to be Freedom Fighters

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That night, the flash drive wasn’t working and the Internet wouldn’t
connect. However, despite the technical difficulties and the missing PowerPoint, Restore
One’s Campus Ambassador Justine Williams moved a group of women to action to become
Freedom Fighters for those being held against their will in human trafficking.

Williams spoke at an event at Cedar Baptist Church in Jamesville, N.C. where the
topic of human trafficking was being brought to church members’ attention for the first

“I don’t like that North Carolina, the state that I love, is in the top ten where human
trafficking is occurring,” Williams told the group.

The keynote speaker of the night was Katherine Hughes. She is answering God’s call
on her life to tell others about modern day slavery. Hughes was back in Jamesville where
she shares her mission to help stop human trafficking. Hughes first became a freedom
fighter at a conference where she heard the stories of women who had been trafficked and
was motivated to do something herself.

Ms. Hughes passed out dipsticks for the attendees to use as bracelets to start
conversations with others about human trafficking and to use as evidence of the physical
bondage the victims suffer. All attendees were encouraged to buy fair trade products
for the holidays and to become more educated of the companies that had current human rights

Williams shared about Restore One’s beginnings, its current and future projects and
how to recognize a person that is in bondage. “It takes freedom fighters to first be made
aware and then to become advocates. Doing simple things such as putting a poster in your
office or wearing a bracelet can be helpful in the fight to end human trafficking,” Williams
told the group in closing.


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