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Combating human trafficking and human exploitation by means of public awareness, practical prevention, restorative care and building domestic and international partnerships.

Our Experience at the DNC

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When you know that there are literally millions of human beings being held in bondage by their captors, how do you ever feel like you’ve done enough? No amount of fliers passed out or words screamed to a crowd can compare to the price of the voiceless. So where is the hope for them? Why should we even begin to try to free them? Why do we fight for each life when there are millions of other victims across the globe? The hope is in our fight. It is found in the prayers that we cry out to God for them, in knowing that His heart is broken for His children. We fight because every life matters. 

Tuesday September 4th, as our prayer team sat all weeping, crying out to God for the jealousy of His children, I asked Him to burn their eyes into my mind. I begged Him to put His jealousy and His anger for his beloved into my soul, an unquenchable fire. We went to the DNC to raise awareness and pray for those who would be traded during the festivities, we left knowing that we had made a difference even if that difference isn’t something we will ever get to see in the flesh.
All Wednesday morning as our team prayed, cried out and prepared our spirits for going out, I didn’t feel the nerves. The rushing, heart-pounding nerves struck my body as we stepped on to the streets. Like stepping in the sunlight from a dark room, our eyes were unveiled to the battle we were about to face. The nerves didn’t scare me, I always know that’s God taking over my body. I know we were and are against strong principalities, but what rest I find in knowing that my Jesus is so much more powerful than anything that I face. So our team boldly stormed the streets to pass out our fliers. Bold in the security that we walked under the shadow of God’s wings, knowing that even the darkest spiritual places cannot hide us from His protection.
Hundreds of rejections and 2,500 fliers later, our team reconvened. All tired and spiritually worn out but we rest knowing that Jesus was rejected and it’s okay if we are too. At least we fought for those who don’t know how to fight for themselves. We fought each little girl who doesn’t know what love is, for each young boy who is brainwashed into thinking selling himself is right and for all the others who feel like hope has been wiped away. We don’t give up hope because they all deserve to know what God’s love is.

Because Every Life Matters,
Justine Williams
Restore One Campus Ambassador

Here are some of the experiences we had on the streets of Charlotte:

Restore One successfully passed out 2,500 human trafficking flyers, highlighting the national hotline   1-888-3737-888, a number persons can call to anonymously report human trafficking tips and victims can call to receive assistance.
Chris Smith, Co-Founder of Restore One had one man reply to his abolitionist plea, “Help end human trafficking!” By saying, “If there was no human trafficking, then who would make my clothes?”
Volunteer Jessica, had one man reply by saying, “I like a little bit of sex trafficking.”
Despite many backlashes, numerous legislators’ cheered on Restore One for our efforts and informed us of the anti-trafficking legislative work taking place in their states. Also CNN’s Piers Morgan, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker and a white house representative took to our information. Altogether, Restore One considers the trip a large success and a small step forward in the anti-trafficking efforts that are yet to come. 

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