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Combating human trafficking and human exploitation by means of public awareness, practical prevention, restorative care and building domestic and international partnerships.

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Trafficking movie, “Not Today” to screen in Greenville

Restore One is sponsoring the award-winning movie, “Not Today” at the Carmike 12 in Greenville, NC  starting on May 31 and running for a week. The movie follows the story of Caden Wells, a rich, 20- year old that goes to India to party with his friends. He refuses to help a starving man and his daughter and later finds out the girl is sold into the sex trade. Guilt driven, he searches for the girl at all costs. Along the way he begins to change into the man he was always meant to be.  More details on how to get tickets will be announced soon.



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Help us film our journey

At Restore One, we are working hard on a ground-breaking vision to open the first safe-house for sex trafficked boys in the US. Because of the unique vision, we have a desire for our supporters, donors, and prayer partners to see exactly what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. 
With this in mind, we are launching this online donation page for you to help us purchase a camera to be able to record the unique and visionary work that we do here at Restore One. 
It doesn’t matter how much or how little you can or will give, every little bit counts. The camera is 1,100 without tax and will give us the full capability to record and capture vital moments of our goal to open the Anchor House.

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Local non-profit to provide first shelter in the U.S. for male minors that have been trafficked

Restore One to launch “Give for One” capital campaign to raise money for the home

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GREENVILLE, NC— Approximately 100,000 to 300,000 American youth are victims of sex trafficking, according to ECPAT International. Restore One, a non-profit based in Greenville that combats human trafficking, will provide the nation’s first shelter for male domestic minor sex trafficking and exploited (DMST) victims. Its capital campaign, “Give for One” launched this month with the goal of raising $310,000 for the shelter, which will open January 2014.

“In my years working with sex trafficking victims, I discovered that there was a common need for shelter programs designed specifically to meet their needs and that allowed clients to feel stable and secure,” said Executive Director Anna Smith, who is a native of Greenville and graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in religion and social work.

Anchor House will be licensed under the State of North Carolina as a Residential Care Facility. It will be the first shelter in the U.S. for DMST boys upon opening. North Carolina is a hot spot for traffickers, and consistently ranks in the top 10 for reported cases of trafficking in the nation according to the FBI.

Anchor House will be designed to meet psychological, physical and sociological needs of sex trafficked and sexually exploited boys. The shelter will offer free Christian-based residential recovery programs. Victims will receive holistic approaches and proven clinical methods. Restore One will work with colleagues with established shelters to provide the best programs and care available.

“Restore One cannot open this shelter alone. I’ve always heard it takes a community to raise a child. I believe it will take the community coming together to open the Anchor House,” said President Chris Smith.

About Restore One: Restore One seeks to combat human trafficking and human exploitation by means of public awareness, practical prevention, restorative care and building domestic and international partnerships. For fact sheets and additional information visit:

A little help!

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There are so many great things going on with Restore One, Anchor House and Project So Loved. Consider donating some items to help RO continue to reach people! Contact RO at with any questions!

Project So Loved
Find out what Project So Loved is Here:

– Graduation cake
– Chips
– Drinks
needed – May 14th(size: 30-40 people)
– Visa gift cards forsupplies
– Markers/pencils
– Composition books

Restore One Office Needs

· Paper (computer)
· Rubber bands for t-shirts
· Black 2-pockets folders (10packs)
· Staples gift cards
· Cleaning supplies/toiletpaper, paper towels
· Visa gift cards forfood/beverages (meetings/trainings)
· Thank you cards
· Bottled water
· Stamps
· White board eraser
· Little Caesar’s gift cards(for volunteer training)