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Combating human trafficking and human exploitation by means of public awareness, practical prevention, restorative care and building domestic and international partnerships.


6 ways to become a freedom fighter

ImageThere are more slaves than ever before and people are taking notice. If you want to become a part of the fight against human trafficking here are some  practical steps.

Learn- It’s important to know the facts, as well as common myths about modern-day trafficking.Read about trafficking here.

Share- We all have our sphere of influence online. Make a conscious decision to follow, like and share videos, posts and images about trafficking. Tell a friend at work today too.

Volunteer– There are a lot of organizations that help causes similar to that of human trafficking and abolition groups are becoming more common on the local level. Most of them have shoe-string budgets and need folks to help them man tables at events and answer phones. If you have a skill-set that can help the organization, do get involved!

 Pray- This war is not only physical– it’s spiritual. The hardest battles should be fought on our knees. Pray for pimps, Johns, organizations that fight this war and for women and children that are trafficked.

Donate- Can’t volunteer? Can’t travel to trafficking hot spots to bring hope? You can by donating to an organization that you believe in.

Buy fair trade- Unfortunately, a lot of what we busy is made by slaves. Commit to buying fair trade items. Check out these fair trade apps that can help you shop wisely.


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Sponsorship Opportunities for the “Stand for One” gala

Image$50,000 is needed to fund the “Anchor House,” a shelter exclusively for male minors that have been trafficked and exploited in America. Sponsorship packages are available to help fund the project. Restore One’s “Stand for One” gala is scheduled for October and sponsors will be a part of a night full of music, an award-winning speaker and a live auction. The sponsorship’s offer varying incentives: ads in the program, logo placement, on-stage speaking opportunities, presentation of auction items, tables for guests, among others.

See our pamphlet with all the details here.

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June 2013 Guest Blogger – Top Ten Ways Guys Can Fight Sex Trafficking – By: Ed Ouellette


Meet this months guest blogger, Ed Ouellette.


Bio: Ed is the Defenders Program Man­ager at Shared Hope International. The Defenders are men who take a pledge to fight the commercial sex industry through education, awareness, events, testimony, and empowerment. Ed has a double Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Journalism from the University of Oregon. He first began fighting sex traf­ficking through his work with the Slavery Still Exists club in Eugene. His real passion is leading and engaging men to live lives of integrity, impact, and purpose.

Top Ten Ways Guys Can Fight Sex Trafficking

By Ed Ouellette, Defenders USA Manager

William Wilberforce was a man of freedom. He dedicated his life to fight against the slave trade in England during the late 1700s and early 1800s. He fought for 18 long, hard years to abolish slavery. Finally, in 1807 the bill passed. But what most people don’t…

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Restore One announces new project: Men for Freedom

When Restore One President, Chris Smith felt called to work in abolition, he noticed that the anti-trafficking movement was mostly spearheaded by women. On Saturday, on Restore One’s one-year anniversary, Smith announced a new leg of Restore One that would target men.

“It’s time for men to stand up and man up” Smith said.

Men for Freedom will fight trafficking, “by means of practical prevention, public awareness, and building accountability and partnerships among men.”

M4F will hold prayer meetings, social media campaigns, will volunteer with the prevention program  Project So Loved and will work alongside another men’s organization, The Defenders USA to pledge to be men of accountability and social change.


Visit to find out about Restore One’s new ministry.


“Stand for One” gala to welcome Dr. Dan Allender


Restore One’s first benefit gala is set for October 10 in the Greenville Hilton with the goal to raise $50,000 for “The Anchor House.” Dr. Allender, a prominent Christian psychologist, is the keynote speaker for the event.

Dr. Allender specializes in trauma and abuse therapy. He helped found The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, is an author of several books on sexual abuse therapy and is featured in the 24-award winning documentary Nefarious as an expert on human trafficking. His presence at “Stand for One” and support of  Restore One will be instrumental to publicize the shelter, which opens in 2014 and will be the first in the nation exclusively for sexually trafficked and exploited male minors.

Tickets will be on sale in August and opportunities for six sponsorship packages are already available.  “Stand for One” will include music, dinner and a silent auction.  Contact for more information.