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Combating human trafficking and human exploitation by means of public awareness, practical prevention, restorative care and building domestic and international partnerships.

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Intern profile: Elizabeth Menge. An abolitionist taking leaps of faith.

abcLast summer, while most college kids were earning a little extra spending money for the school year and sleeping the morning away, Elizabeth Menge was in Thailand. Like many that go overseas, she made new friends and learned new things. She made friends with girls working in the red light district as prostitutes. She learned about international sex trafficking.

“What I saw wrecked my world,” Menge said.

This summer, Menge is doing something else that is entirely new. She packed up her things again and travelled from Madison, Wisconsin to Greenville, North Carolina to intern with Restore One and learn about human trafficking on the domestic level. Menge has committed to two and a half months with Restore One without an income and has a gofundme page where other freedom fighters can help Menge with her calling.

“A fire of passion has been stirred in me to see justice in the form of freedom, love, and joy in the hearts of the sons and daughters who feel abandoned, used, and worthless,” she said.

Menge studies sociology and global health at the University of Wisconsin.  She hopes to get a graduate degree in counseling to work closely with victims of sex trafficking. At Restore One, Menge works on prevention and education within the community.

Menge’s desire for trafficking victims is that they would, “claim the immensity of their worth in Christ.”
Fun facts:

•Her dream? To see dry bones dance now (Ezekiel 37).

•She loves to craft and thrift.

•She is a high school ministry leader at her church.


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Saluting North Carolina safe houses for survivors of human trafficking

images Offering restorative care for  survivors of trafficking is an important part of Restore One’s mission. In North Carolina, a top ten state for trafficking, the need for shelters is great. Adding to the number, Restore One will open the first safe house specific to trafficked and exploited male minors in 2014. Read about The Anchor House.

Here are some safe houses in the state and a little about them: Is a program of On Eagles Wings ministries. There are two OEW shelters: one in Ashville and another one will open soon in Charlotte. Is a Wilmington safe house for young survivors of sex trafficking, who are pregnant.

Visit these great organization’s websites to find out more and support these freedom fighters!

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July 2013 Guest Blogger – Becoming Parables for Jesus – By: MLB Pitcher Jeremy Affeldt


Meet this months guest blogger, Jeremy Affeldt.



Bio: Alongside his two World Series championships, San Francisco Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt has earned numerous awards and commendations for his service to homeless youth and for his tireless commitment to ending the crime of human trafficking.  Affeldt is an Ambassador for the anti-trafficking organization Not For Sale, and together with his wife Larisa sponsors Generation Alive, a Spokane-based youth ministry.  Affeldt’s first book, To Stir aMovement, was published by Beacon Hill Press in April.

Becoming Parables for Jesus

By: Jeremy Affeldt, Two Time World Series Champion

Jesus frequently spoke through parables, but he constructed them from real life scenarios, using references to tangible things that we can understand. “The Kingdom of Heaven is like…” he would say, likening the Kingdom to things we can see. By using this method of teaching through analogy, He could give us a…

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Restore One aids Sheriff’s office in trafficking case

abcdeAn out-of-state teenager was recently freed from sex trafficking in Pitt County, North Carolina. The news was reported throughout the state, giving credence to the fact that North Carolina is in the top ten states for human trafficking. Restore One, in conjunction with the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office helped the victim relocate. The accused is a native Raleigh and is held under a $50,000 bond.

WCTI-12 interviewed Restore One Directors as experts on trafficking. Watch the report here.