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Combating human trafficking and human exploitation by means of public awareness, practical prevention, restorative care and building domestic and international partnerships.

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Meet Lauren. Social Work student. Freedom fighter.



Greenville native, Lauren Campbell is Restore One’s newest intern. In elementary school, Campbell went to the Dominica Republic with Covenant Church, which sparked a desire to stand up for children’s and youth’s rights, one she feels is her kingdom-calling.

“This mission trip positively impacted my life and opened my eyes to the numerous issues faced by millions such as extreme poverty and hunger,” Campbell said. 

Now a senior at East Carolina University’s School of Social Work, her major called for an internship to graduate and Campbell felt Restore One was the place to be. As a Christian, an agency that would offer faith-based recovery and healing to domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) survivors, was a great motivator in applying. 

“I feel called by God to make a difference in this world where children’s and youths’ rights are taken away prematurely,” Campbell said.

 As part of the internship, Campbell will assist with Restore One’s trafficking prevention program, Project So Loved, the Art Expo Fundraiser, Change Purse, and advocacy. 

Fun facts: When Campbell has free time she enjoys taking walks on the Greenway with her husband James. She also enjoys cooking and baking, traveling, and experiencing different cultures.



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Meet anchor bracelet designer: Angela Medlin


Since their launch earlier this spring, Anchor House bracelets have become a favorite as they come in multiple colors, are simple, elegant and subsequently sell out quickly.  They also serve the purpose to raise funds for Restore One’s first shelter for trafficked males, The Anchor House, and start conversations about human trafficking. Bracelet designer, Angela Medlin is from Greenville, NC, also the  founding place of Restore One. Despite not attending art school,  Medlin has a love for art in its many mediums: painting, photography, ceramics and of course, jewelry making.

“I went to high school with Chris (Restore One President) and he contacted me about making and designing the Anchor House bracelet. I knew about the Restore One organization and wanted to help,” Medlin said.

Medlin knows her purpose in life is to bring healing through art. Currently a Psychology major at East Carolina University, Medlin knows that pursuing Art Therapy is in her near future.

Part of her desire to heal through art came from her high school days, when Medlin was first introduced to eating disorders and shortly thereafter became bulimic. Medlin stopped and concluded she wanted to help those that were suffering with eating disorders.

“I did some research and found out about Art Therapy and it was an awakening moment that I will never forget,” Medlin said.

After finishing her studies at East Carolina University, Medlin plans to attend Appalachian State University for Clinical Mental Health Counseling specializing in Body Centered Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy. Medlin will always do art on the side even after finishing all her studies and fulfilling her calling.

The Anchor House bracelet is the result of brainstorming with the Restore One team and examples of anchor charms Medlin studied. Not too long ago, Anchor House bracelets were introduced in bronze and expanded its color selection. Now, Medlin is designing Anchor bracelet designs for men.

Visit Angela’s blog.


5 Ways to Turn Interest into Action in the Fight Against Sex Trafficking

Introducing guest blogger and abolitionist, Rebecca Potzner. Visit her website here and follow her on Twitter. 

Over the years, awareness for sex trafficking has increased and still continues to along with our interest to help. While it’s important for us to be aware of the issues that surround us, it is even more important to act on them.  To turn our interest into action, here are five ways to join the fight against sex trafficking.

1. Educate yourself          

To make a difference, it’s important to truly understand what we’re up against.  You can start by researching online through sites such as the Polaris Project, the U.S. Department of State, and of course blogs like Restore One. There are also many documentaries that cover the issue, as well.

2. Take to Social Media

We’re always busy posting and sharing content on our social media accounts. So, why not share content that brings light to the issue? While you’re researching, share an article, photo, or video that caught your attention. There are even petitions you can ask your friends and followers to sign. It’s a simple action to slip into your everyday routine.

3. Write to your local and state government representatives

Different areas have laws and programs that can be changed to help eliminate sex trafficking in the states. Send a letter to your local and state representatives asking how they’re working towards a solution.  Taking it a step further, make it personal and express your interest for change

4. Spend a little money

There are many organizations working to help victims and end sex trafficking that you can donate. Organizations such as Transitions Global, give people the opportunity to sponsor survivors. By sponsoring, you are personally impacting a life. In Transition Global’s case, the money you donate goes towards a girl’s care and education.

5. Join an organization

 Join forces with others by getting involved with an organization. Whether it’s student run or nationally led, they can lead you towards countless options to stay engaged in the fight including awareness events, fundraisers, and even engagement trips.

What’s new for 2014?

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What's new 2014?

Restore One is embarking on some major things in 2014:

Firstly, RO will break ground on The Anchor House, America’s first home for sex trafficked boys.
Also, RO directors will begin filming an educational documentary about male sex trafficking, also the first of its kind.

January, however, is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. For the second time RO will spearhead a social media campaign. Join the Facebook event and check out the details there. Become a freedom fighter, because every life matters!