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Combating human trafficking and human exploitation by means of public awareness, practical prevention, restorative care and building domestic and international partnerships.

Looking for a Change Purse intern

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What is Change Purse? Change Purse is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization committed to fighting sex trafficking through raising awareness and financially supporting faith based organizations that provide hope, healing, and restoration, through their direct work with victims and survivors of sex trafficking. Change Purse donates profits generated through collecting donated purses that are new or in like-new condition and selling them via the onlinestoreawareness events, and home parties. It’s an opportunity for women to buy a designer bag for a fraction of the original price and the charity or non-profit selling the purse to receive 75% off the funds.  (Souce:  Change Purse website)

Want to use your selling skills to help raise funds for Restore One?

Here is what the position involves:

Need to be available to come to Change Purse events including Change Purse Parties.

If Restore One will be at an event and wants Change Purse to come then need to be available.

Need to be able to collaborate with others about Change Purse including but not limited to, forms and polices, what change purse does, how to host a change purse party.

Need to talk with the Change Purse organization in Greensboro.

Be able to create a Facebook event for Change Purse parties.

Attend meetings to present on Change Purse.

Contact: press@restoreonelife if interested and visit our internship site to find out more.


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