Restore One

Combating human trafficking and human exploitation by means of public awareness, practical prevention, restorative care and building domestic and international partnerships.

Young and called

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Do you know how old the founders of Restore One are? Well if you didn’t, they are 25, 25 & 22. We are not saying this to say “hey look at us”. We are simply saying never think for a minute you are to young to turn your dreams into reality. You are never to young to dream and create. You are never to young to be a part of positive life change. Do you have a dream? Do you feel that it’s time to pull the trigger on that dream? Checkout these 5 points below.

1. Take it before Jesus & pray about it. Make sure it is in his timing and not yours.

2. Have a mentor. Have someone in your life that is willing to call you out even when you don’t want to hear it. Also, this person should equally be lifting you up in prayer.

3. Plan. Jesus will honor the hard work and planning you put in.

4. Teamwork. Create a team, don’t be a lone ranger. Put people around you that see and believe in the vision that Jesus has given you.

5. Pray some more. You can never pray enough.

Because Every Life Matters,
The Restore One Team



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