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Remembering Independence

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Guest post by Abbi Tenaglia, Founder/Director of Transforming Hope Ministries.

Independence Day. What a fun day. There are cookouts, fireworks, time with family and friends, hanging out at the beach. I have lots a good memories from many past Independence Day celebrations.

The freedom that this day represents has two meanings for me: the first is my freedom as an American. Thank God for all the men and women that gave up their lives so that I can have more freedom in this country. But even with these sacrifices, freedom in American isn’t truly free. It still comes at a cost to all who live here.

The second meaning is the most important though….the freedom I have in Christ. This freedom doesn’t cost me anything. Jesus gave up his life on a cross thousands of years ago whether I chose to acknowledge His gift or not. I am His first and only priority even when I make Him second or third in my life. He pursues me when I feel completely unworthy of pursuit. He protects me when I’m too scared or tired to protect myself. He loved me when I couldn’t love Him back and He still loves me when I’m finding it hard to love Him, myself, or anyone else some days.

I don’t live with rules and boundaries because those are my ticket into heaven. I live by Jesus’ guidelines because He first lived them out and said “I love you regardless” when He took my place on the cross.

This is truly freedom at its best. This is what motivates me to get up and keep moving, to fight for those who don’t have the ability to appreciate their freedom in any sense because they are slaves to the greed and immorality of others.

This Independence Day, take five minutes to thank God for those who have sacrificed, thank Him for His sacrifice, and beg Him to set the current captives free from the grip of satan!


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