Restore One

Combating human trafficking and human exploitation by means of public awareness, practical prevention, restorative care and building domestic and international partnerships.

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Seeking Public Relations Director for 2015

CONFERENCERestore One is seeking a PR Director who would begin January 2015. Restore One is a Greenville, faith-based nonprofit and will open the nation’s first shelter for male sex trafficking victims. It is a volunteer position. An application must be filled out in order to be considered.

Ideally, the candidate will commit to at least a year with the organization. Those from journalism/PR backgrounds with previous communication-related internships or work experiences are encouraged to apply.The PR Director will head up the use of WordPress, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Hoostsuite. Being able to engage in media relations and create social media plans is also a part of the job description.Video production experience is a plus.

Contact Persida Montanez, for more information about the position.To apply fill out the form on Restore One’s website:


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Q& A with intern & digital media maven, Zach Pomeroy


You will be seeing a lot of multimedia coming from Restore One in the following months. Zach Pomeroy, who specializes in digital media is the man behind camera. Pomeroy will come alongside RO for a whole year too! Here’s a little about him, Q&A-style:

 What did you do previously when you volunteered with RO?I began volunteering at RO last summer. I started just by coming to the office hours that RO had every Friday. As I became more involved, I designed and put together the Email and Print Newsletters for RO. I continued designing the Newsletters throughout my senior year at UNCW.

What has happened in your life in the past year/since you were last in Greenville?Since last summer, I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with a Specialization in Digital Media and a minor in Spanish. During my senior year, I co-led a Bible with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, I traveled to Swansea, Wales to shoot a promotional video for the Office of International Programs at UNCW

What will you be doing with RO this year? Have any goals? What are you most excited about?This year at RO, I will be a Communication Intern. I will shoot video updates from the staff, design email and print newsletters, manage the social media handles, and assisting with the BOY$ Documentary. Some of my goals include working with the BOY$ Documentary and learning how to make videos and run social media for a non-profit. I am most excited about working with such an incredible team.

 Fun facts? I love to travel and have been to three different countries Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Wales. Playing music is my favorite thing to do when I want to relax. I can’t stop listening to my favorite band Johnnyswim.

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Words from Genny. Summer intern.


Guest post by intern Genevieve Parshely 

It is this kind of purposeful action in people in my generation that gives me courage and a hope that we will address and act on the things the Lord has placed on our hearts for our good and His glory. I am SO beyond excited to unofficially officially start my internship with Restore One! I am so thankful for how the Lord has brought me here and am already so inspired and grateful for the work my brothers and sisters have done through Christ as they work towards the goal of seeing sexual exploitation and trafficking eradicated!

I will admit, I am still nervous! Working for an organization like RO has been a dream of mine for quite some time now and I really don’t want to disappoint anyone. I am fearful that I won’t be good at or have the gifts for this thing that I profess to want to do with my entire life. What if I fail? What if I can’t think creatively enough, work hard enough, do enough, be…well, better?

And then I think, well, Genny, that’s not the kind of questions God created you to ask. In fact, I would wager He wants you to not ask any questions like that but to say with confidence that through Him all things are possible.

I am a daughter of a King! We are all children of a great kingdom. WHAT? I’M SORRY! To live in freedom is our birth right. To live without fear, abuse, slavery, hurt, or doubt is in our spiritual DNA. I have to believe this – I need to believe it. And the more I utter these truths to my self, I know that my soul with grow stronger and I can walk with more certainty and fearlessness will echo in every stride.

With this in mind, I will do everything I can, with all the gifts God has given me, to do His will on this earth and work towards a world no one has to fear for the safety of body, mind and soul – a world of complete freedom. My desire to pursue this isn’t because it’s a “cool thing to do.” It is not because it is a hot topic right now. This is NOT about me or any single person. I will run this race set before me because it is the Lord’s heart and because of that, it is mine too. Ours.

Will you join in the fight? Come on y’all – let’s do it.

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Meet Lauren. Social Work student. Freedom fighter.



Greenville native, Lauren Campbell is Restore One’s newest intern. In elementary school, Campbell went to the Dominica Republic with Covenant Church, which sparked a desire to stand up for children’s and youth’s rights, one she feels is her kingdom-calling.

“This mission trip positively impacted my life and opened my eyes to the numerous issues faced by millions such as extreme poverty and hunger,” Campbell said. 

Now a senior at East Carolina University’s School of Social Work, her major called for an internship to graduate and Campbell felt Restore One was the place to be. As a Christian, an agency that would offer faith-based recovery and healing to domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) survivors, was a great motivator in applying. 

“I feel called by God to make a difference in this world where children’s and youths’ rights are taken away prematurely,” Campbell said.

 As part of the internship, Campbell will assist with Restore One’s trafficking prevention program, Project So Loved, the Art Expo Fundraiser, Change Purse, and advocacy. 

Fun facts: When Campbell has free time she enjoys taking walks on the Greenway with her husband James. She also enjoys cooking and baking, traveling, and experiencing different cultures.


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Restore One seeks fall interns


RO is looking for a young abolitionist to assist with its human trafficking prevention program, Project So Loved. The intern will assist the Director of Prevention with all aspects of the program including social media and research. Details here.

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Intern profile: Elizabeth Menge. An abolitionist taking leaps of faith.

abcLast summer, while most college kids were earning a little extra spending money for the school year and sleeping the morning away, Elizabeth Menge was in Thailand. Like many that go overseas, she made new friends and learned new things. She made friends with girls working in the red light district as prostitutes. She learned about international sex trafficking.

“What I saw wrecked my world,” Menge said.

This summer, Menge is doing something else that is entirely new. She packed up her things again and travelled from Madison, Wisconsin to Greenville, North Carolina to intern with Restore One and learn about human trafficking on the domestic level. Menge has committed to two and a half months with Restore One without an income and has a gofundme page where other freedom fighters can help Menge with her calling.

“A fire of passion has been stirred in me to see justice in the form of freedom, love, and joy in the hearts of the sons and daughters who feel abandoned, used, and worthless,” she said.

Menge studies sociology and global health at the University of Wisconsin.  She hopes to get a graduate degree in counseling to work closely with victims of sex trafficking. At Restore One, Menge works on prevention and education within the community.

Menge’s desire for trafficking victims is that they would, “claim the immensity of their worth in Christ.”
Fun facts:

•Her dream? To see dry bones dance now (Ezekiel 37).

•She loves to craft and thrift.

•She is a high school ministry leader at her church.